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Cinderella 2000

cinderella 2000.jpg

BY mavis jukes

A sassy and funny retelling of the classic tale. Fourteen year old Ashley Ella Toral wants to spend the last hours of 1999 attending a New Year’s Eve bash at a swanky country club with her (hopefully) soon-to-be boyfriend. But her stepmother, Phyllis, has other plans for her evening and insists that Ashley babysit her annoying twin step-sisters. Then Phyllis has the bright idea of calling the mother of one of the party-throwers to get the twins invited, too! Now Ashley isn't sure if she even wants to go to the party at all – let alone find the perfect dress. As the minutes pass and 2000 gets closer, Ashley can only hope some fairy godmother appear before midnight to grant her wish of dancing with her Prince Charming.

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