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A Rage to Live

A Rage to Live

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By Roberta Latow

As an impressionable young girl, Cressida Vine fell passionately in love with the mysterious and sexually magnetic Kane Chandler- three nights of exquisite seduction and erotic fulfillment leave them emotionally scarred forever... Over twenty years later, Cressida returns to Cape Cod. Little has changed in the upper-class, incestuous community and coast secrets lie deeply buried, if not entirely forgotten ...

But Cressida has matured since those heady days of youth. Influenced by Carlos Marias Arriva and their powerfully erotic love affair, she has become a sensual woman- and a celebrated architect- consumed by a rage to live.

All the while Kane Chandler has been trying to forget her, searching for release in the arms of a series of beautiful and tempestuous women. Only now Cressida may be ready to tame the man who sexually enslaved her all those years ago...

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