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Her Hungry Heart

Her Hungry Heart

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By Roberta Latow

The enchanting, somewhat mysterious Mimi is rescued from the poverty and deprivation of her childhood by a legacy from her father that enables her to live in comfort in Manhattan. 
But even after father and daughter are reunited, Mimi remains trapped by feelings of desertion and betrayal and spends her life searching for a love that constantly eludes her, seeking to satisfy her hungry heart. 

Mimi makes a ‘brilliant’ marriage to a man who gives her wealth and social status but who fails to provide her with love and loyalty. She has a carefree, erotically charged affair with a golden boy who unleashes her full sexual potential, but she still craves more.
Only when the mysteries of her father’s past are fully revealed, and she can allow herself to love him as he truly is , can Mimi feel free to return to her roots and give herself fully to a man who fulfils her every desire- a man who can fill her hungry heart.

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