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Secret Souls

Secret Souls

Secret Soulds.jpg


By Roberta Latow

Dining alone in a village tavern on the idyllic island of Crete, the intriguingly beautiful Chadwick Chase sets eyes on the darkly handsome and virile Manoussos Stavrolakis. Before the day is over each of them knows they will explore the furthest limits of carnal desire together. 
So begins their lustful affair of erotic depravity, deep and lasting love. But is Manousso’s raw sexuality enough to satisfy Chadwick’s heated passion? Can Manoussos bring himself to accept the enigmatic Chadwick’s mysterious past? She is an overwhelmingly seductive woman- such as he has never encountered before. He knows that unless they can learn to trust and forgive one another in all things, her secret soul will tear them apart.

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