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Soft Warm Rain

Soft Warm Rain

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By Roberta Latow

The first in a trilogy of books featuring Mirella, Rashid and Adam.

Intelligent, passionate and voluptuous, as heiress to one of the world’s great fortunes Mirella is a temptation no man can resist. In Soft Warm Rain Mirella is torn between two men as she is drawn into a lush and frenzied world of grandeur seeking the ultimate in pleasure and lasting love.

Rashid, playboy, hedonist and master of eroticism has a suave charm that masks a threat of betrayal.

Adam, a dedicated archaeologist and a man of vast sexual attraction: from his marble palace in exotic Istanbul he dreams of taking Mirella in the soft, warm rain.

Exploring the limits of luxury and pleasure, Roberta Latow’s characters will experience delights beyond their wildest fantasies- before their bodies are sated, they will lose their hearts...

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