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Objects of Desire

Objects of Desire

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By Roberta Latow

Married to a world-famous surgeon and mother of twin boys, Anoushka Rivers is thought a lucky woman but her erotic nature is suppressed by a man who does not love her. Suddenly Robert Rivers disposes of his wife...

Page Cooper has spent a decade trying to make up for the loss of a man she can never have. For three weeks of each year they meet on a Greek island to experience the sweet ecstasy of desire. Each time Page hopes their union will last...

Sally Brown is a good-time girl looking for love and adventure. When Sally finds both in the arms of Jahangir, a darkly sensual Indian Prince, her body is awakened as never before...

Drawn together, these dynamic women journey across the world discovering their true potential- mentally, physically and sexually. In their search for new horizons, Anoushka, Page and Sally find within themselves a strength and peace of mind more satisfying than anything else.

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