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Her One Obsession

Her One Obsession 

Her One Obsession.jpg


By Roberta Latow

For thirty years, Dendre Palenberg- a darkly exotic and enigmatic woman, has sacrificed herself for her husband: Gideon, a world-famous painter. She obeyed his orders, guarded his privacy and was a supportive mother and loving wife. In return, Gideon took Dendre to the furthest limits of carnal desire and gave her fame and fortune as ‘the painter’s wife’. He was her one obsession.
When Gideon flaunts his latest lover, Adair, a young and stunningly attractive art historian, in front of Dendre, his wife can no longer close her eyes to his years of philandering and the love-hate aspect of their marriage. Now her one obsession is to prevent Adair from stealing Gideon. In order to do this, Dendre rediscovers herself- mentally, physically and sexually...

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