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Those Wicked Pleasures

Those Wicked Pleasures

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By Roberta Latow

Vastly powerful and influential, the Stantons were the pinnacle of New York's high society . . . .

They were the very embodiment of discretion, secrecy, and above all, honor and good manners. And in their midst, golden girl Lara Victoria Stanton grew up lovingly spoiled: indulged and adored by her father and brothers, organized by her mother like a favorite charity to one day assume her role as grande dame of American high society.

But the men who were drawn into her family's powerful orbit would open up a world to Lara of insatiable desires, rapturous ecstasy, and sometimes heartbreaking torment. And the more Lara spent her days posing as a highly respectable daughter, the more she yearned for the coming of night, when forbidden pleasures sated her secret hungers, when her quest to go deeper into her own dark desires could continue. Yet for all her extraordinary lovers, Lara found she was still looking for the one great passion that would fulfill her emotionally, physically, and forever . . . .

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