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Only in the Night

Only in the Night

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By Roberta Latow

During idyllic summers with her family in Tuscany, English rose Eliza Forrester runs free with Vittorio Carducci, the son of a poor tenant farmer. When at last they reach maturity, together Vittorio and Eliza experience the sensual pleasures of desire, reveling in sexual abandon and erotic fulfillment.

The two fall deeply in love, but Eliza is too young and afraid of the commitment which Vittorio’s love requires, so she flees back to England and into the waiting arms of the deeply sexual John Hope-Quintin. It is to take many years of erotic encounters in exotic places before fate delivers Eliza back to Tuscany. 

Will Eliza choose the exotic attraction of sexual travels, the sophistication and privilege of her English life or her the passion of her very first love?

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