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Acts of Love

Acts of Love

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By Roberta Latow

When they meet in the elegant splendour of Chessington House, love is the last thing on the minds of Ben and Arianne- both are vulnerable and emotionally scarred by their erotic pasts.

Arianne must come to terms with the cruel ending of a happy marriage and an obsessive ménage à trois that was as compelling as it was corrupt- and abandon a lover who takes her dangerously beyond the boundaries of sexual excess. The suicide of Ben’s wife left him with a legacy of overwhelming guilt which he seeks to expiate in the arms of passionate, soulless women.

But where love chooses, lovers follow. 

Ben and Arianne embark upon a sensual quest that takes them to the dark secret heart of their innermost desires. Only then can they banish the shadow of the past and choose to love.

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